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This will probably be longer in future, but for right now:

Regarding her reaction to Harry slicing Draco Malfoy open: Yes, it is appalling that she was happy about it, and wanted him out of detention.

But remember Chamber of Secrets? Ginny was possessed and forced to attack people against her will. It was undoubtedly the most terrible part of her life up to then, and may well remain so.

She knows who gave her that book. Small wonder that she'd rejoice at an injury to Lucius Malfoy's only child, after he so carelessly put her through hell. I don't think anyone should expect Ginny to be rational about that family, and it is not fair to take her to task over that particular instance.

I still think she's awfully bitchy and a bad combination with Harry, but that is out of my control.
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cause nobody in fandom reads my lj...

This might be a bit out there and I'm cutting it for HBP spoilers: )


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