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We started discussing it in class today, in comparison to the Titanic. This might not sound like anything to get all weird over, but the fact is we were talking about the damn boat and the arrogance that it was built with, how it "invited its own destruction". Ow. I love that that idea's still there, and not considered something to argue against, just the obvious connection. We deserved it. It was our fault. Its a judgement on us.

Fuck off.

That's what I hate about being in Europe, what I was so scared of for my year in France- this damnable smug hypocracy- "Obviously we're better than you, more socially conscious, less commercial, less capitalistic, less racist, less sexist..." Et cetera

I spent a year not telling my lecturers what country I came from, grateful as all hell for my name and my good accent in French that would keep me from having to talk about it, having to justify myself for the deeds of my country, having to justify my homeland for the opinions of only half of it, for the actions of an (ALWAYS) unpopular president.

I am fucking sick of it. We are not worse than you. We are the same as you. Same issues, same problems, same human beings.

If we deserved, so did you. Watch out and change while you still can, Scrooge. Listen to poor Jacob Marley.
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