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I decided to write something to be read out tonight, but I don’t really know where to start. There are no individual memories that stand out- I have too many of them. She’s always been there, since I can remember anyone. She is, forever in my mind, in her kitchen, often showing me how to make things- “letting me help” as she taught me things she’d learned from her mother. There are so many simple, everyday memories, maybe they don’t seem noteworthy, but that was it. Great Grandma was always there with me, happy to share her time, her skills and to tell me stories, all about her own life. So many little moments I got to share with her like that, talking and listening to her tell about her life. It’s what I remember most, our conversations and all the stories she’d tell me about when she was young, about her parents and about Great Grandpa. Enough stories that I almost feel like I know them too. I don’t know how many times I listened to some of the same ones, but they never got old. I listened and learned them- I tell them to my friends now, so that they can know her better than they have had a chance to before.

If anyone's interested, the wake is at 7 this evening (it's going on now, too, I don't know till when though). The funeral Mass is tomorrow, ask my mom I guess for where and when. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Can't even remember what funeral home, even though its the same place my grandfather was.
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